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CanaMaize USA


Legend Seeds Inc. of De Smet South Dakota is pleased to announce that we have entered into a strategic alliance with CanaMaize™ Seed of Canada!  We are excited to be able to offer the United States farmer, rancher, wildlife manager, and hunt club owner  CanaMaize™ specialty corn.

CanaMaize™ Seed is a pioneer in the annual corn grazing industry, bringing innovative new products and services to producers. Canamaize™ Seed Inc. is a growing seed company producing and marketing the world’s earliest maturing corn varieties. Our products have been developed through our own breeding program exclusively for the western Canadian and US Great Plains markets. They are an independent Canadian owned and operated business with research and commercial facilities in Minto and Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Canadian scientists isolated and selected corn “earliness genes” to produce a short stature corn variety that matures with as few as 1900 Corn Heat Units. The Canamaize Seed breeding program built on the “earliness” trait and the shorter stature of these first varieties. Now, growers have access to new products with enhanced agronomic performance, improved plant characteristics and variety consistency. This allows farmers outside the traditional corn growing regions of Canada and the US to add corn to their rotations.

Since 1999, Canamaize™ has been bringing conventional corn varieties to the marketplace. Canamaize™ Seed varieties are the earliest maturing corn varieties in the world. High protein levels in mature ears, whole plant palatability and high dry matter yields make it an excellent choice for fall and winter grazing. Reduced height eases harvesting. Short stature and dense cover also makes Canamaize™ excellent wild bird habitat.

In 2005, Canamaize™ Seed registered their first herbicide tolerant variety CM 533 containing the Roundup Ready® trait, providing additional options for our growers. In 2009 we added CanaMaize 686RR with is treated with CruiserMaxx.

We sell directly and through a small dealer network to farmers, game preserves, wildlife habitat developers, and hunt clubs providing strong technical support to build lasting customer relationships. We maintain high standards of seed quality. Sales are backed by a dedicated breeding and development staff. Through our own breeding program we ensure the availability of unique grazing products and a continuous pipeline of new, higher performing seed products.

CanaMaize™ really is an AMAZING product.  Please take the time to review the site, read the testimonials, check out the products page to review the benefits of CanaMaize™ for upland game, waterfowl, and big game.  We have several professional dealers to assist in your CanaMaize™ purchase.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our National Sales Manager Jim Riley direct at: 406-580-4036 or

CANAMAIZE US is Now Warrior Wildlife Systems!

 Conventional CM440—$123.85 SALE PRICE $103.85 per 50lbs bag.  Plants 2.5 acres

Roundup-Ready CM533RR—$194.85 per 50lbs bag. SOLD OUT – NO LONGER PRODUCING

Please call Jim Riley @ 406-580-4036 to place your order.


For More Information or To Place Your Order Please Contact Jim Riley

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CanaMaize Varieties


CanaMaize is available in three varieties.  CanaMaize CM440 is conventional. Maturity is 65-days.  Our Roundup Ready variety is CM533RR, maturation is 69-days. We also have CM686RR which is Roundup Ready,  treated with CruiserMaxx.  CanaMaize is sold in 50lbs bags.


The CanaMaize Advantage for Upland Birds

  • Short 65 or 69 day growing season.
  • Provides dense cover found attractive by upland birds.  
  • A high volume of grain provides a valuable food source.
  • With a short stature of 4.5-5 feet hunters will be able to hunt safely in CanaMaize. 
  • Hunters will loose less birds as birds can be marked properly.
  • CanaMaize can be solid seeded using any conventional seed drill, corn planter or broadcast seeded. 

The  CanaMaize Advantage for Waterfowl

  • Short 65 or 69 day growing season. 
  • With CanaMaize the ears start at 1.5-2 feet off the ground-ideal for flooding.
  • High in protein and a taste waterfowl can’t resist make CanaMaize a perfect food source.
  • Flexible planting rates make it perfect for creating landing zones for waterfowl.
  • Can be broadcast with other waterfowl favorites for the ultimate waterfowl habitat.
  • Short maturation allows you to wait till marginal /wet land dries

The  CanaMaize Advantage for Big Game!

  •  Short 65 or 69 day growing season. 
  •  CanaMaize stand just 4.5-5 feet .  Place your stand over CanaMaize and harvest a trophy! 
  •  CanaMaize was developed to feed animals, deer love it! 
  •  CanaMaize can be solid seeded using any conventional seed drill, corn planter or broadcast seeded. 
  •  Try broadcasting or planting CanaMaize and forage soybeans, deer love it late season 



Wildlife Habitat



Food and cover plots are most effective when they are over two acres in size. Locating plots within a short distance of water and shelterbelts or buses will increase the time that game will spend in the cover plot.


  • Select land with low trash/residue from prior crop and low weed pressure.
  • Warm and well-drained areas with lighter soils will speed spring emergence.
  • Avoid aline areas and check chemical histories for restrictions to growing corn.
  • South facing exposure helps emergence and maturity.


  • Exposing the topsoil will speed soil temperature warm-up and enhance emergence.
  • Make sure of good soil contact with the seed in freshly broken fields by reducing trash and breaking down lumps of sod and soil.


  • Nitrogen 75-95 Phosphorus 37 Potassium 82 Sulphur 15


  • Soil temperature must be over 50 F (10 C)
  • Plant between May 12 to June 10
  • Seeding depth: . – 1.25 to 1.75 inches. NO DEEPER
  • Planting rate: 20lbs / acre = 45,000 plants / acre. 50 lb bag = 2.5 acres
  • 8 – 15” row spacing is optimal (block every second run on press drills with narrower spacing) Packing soil ensures seed to soil contact


  • Early season weed control is essential
  • Post-seeding burn off helps reduce early problems. Make sure this is done within a few days of planting to avoid seed damage
  • There is a wide selection of herbicides designed for field corn that can be used on CanaMaize. Short season corn may be more susceptible to herbicide damage.
  • Consult your crop specialist or a Legend Seeds, Inc. Representative for more information on recommended rates and tank mixes.
  • CanaMaize food and cover plots enhance wildlife habitat, providing high energy feed for winter and shelter from the elements.

 Concentrated feed not only attracts more game birds and animals, but it also establishes a safer environment than foraging in open fields.

CanaMaize supports safe hunting by providing a direct line of sight and improving visibility of other hunters when hunting in groups.It is important to check and follow all state laws regarding hunting habitat in your area.


CanaMaize is an excellent choice if you are looking a short season corn variety that will maximize your acres for grazing and forage for cattle.

The  CanaMaize Advantage for Grazing and Forage for Cattle!

  • CanaMaize provides excellent forage for fall and winter grazing
  • Great yields provide some of the lowest daily feed costs possible for grazing forages.
  • Costs compared to cereal forages
  • CanaMaize is an early maturing corn variety.
  • CanaMaize matures faster than traditional corn
  • Harvest moisture is lower – ears fill faster
  • Early maturity means reliable dependable kernel development resulting in high energy forage
  • CanaMaize costs less to produce than traditional corn hybrids
  • Costs for conventional CanaMaize seed are significantly lower than hybrid corn seed
  • CanaMaize can be solid seeded and harvested with conventional equipment – No specialized corn equipment required
  • CanaMaize is a short stature corn growing 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 feet tall. Short stature means:
  • More plants can be planted per acre than with other corn varieties
  • Higher plant population forms an early canopy – Suppresses weeds & Increases grazing yield
  • Swathing is easily managed for swath grazing
  • Rapid whole plant dry-down makes baling an option for producers
  • CanaMaize has thin palatable stalks.
  • Stalks are easily digested and palatable to livestock
  • Increased palatability means total plant utilization in grazing areas – less residue left in the field & less waste of available grazing forage
  • Despite thin diameter, lodging resistance is excellent

Ask The Expert

CanaMaize™ Q & A


If you have or are planning on planting CanaMaize, you may have had some questions.  The following are question I have had in the past concerning CanaMaize™ and these were my replies as follows.

 Question:  When should I be seeding CanaMaize?

  • Answer: Preferably, for optimum emergence, I recommend planting CanaMaize after May 10th in southern regions and after May 20th in northern regions.  Using the state of Nebraska would be my dividing line defining northern to southern regions.

Question:  What should I use to seed CanaMaize™?

  • Answer: Preferably, a corn planter always is my preferred means of seeding corn and even soybeans, due to accuracy, but a drill can work if you block every other run.  I have found that you have much better emergence with CanaMaize™ in 15” or wider row width.

Question: With a vacuum planter, what disc should I use?

  • Answer: I would recommend using the smallest of the 3 common corn discs, but have had great success using the soybean disc, since CanaMaize is much smaller than hybrid seed corn.  

Question:  What populations should I plant CanaMaize™?

  • Answer: In 20-30” rows, I recommend seeding 40-50,000 plants per acre.  Narrower than 20” rows should be seeded at 60-70,000 plants per acre.

Question:  I like to use “pop-up” phosphorus fertilizer on my hybrid field corn and can I use “pop-up” on CanaMaize?

  • Answer: CanaMaize™ is more salt sensitive than typical hybrid field corn and since many liquid “pop-up” fertilizers such as liquid 10-34-0 have salts in them, you need to watch your rates.  I recommend decreasing the rate of “pop-up” on CanaMaize™ by 1/3 of what you typically run on hybrid seed corn.  So, if you are running 6-8 gallon in 30” rows on hybrid corn, you should not go over 4-5 gallon on CanaMaize™ in 30” rows.

 Question:  For food plots, what is the typical rate of fertilizer I should apply in a broadcast application of fertilizer?


*Phosphorus: Typically, 75-100# per acre of 11-52-0 (MAP) or 18-46-0 (DAP)

*Potassium: Typically, 50-75# per acre of 0-0-60 (Potash)

*Sulfur: Typically, 50-75# per acre of 21-0-0-24 (Ammonium Sulfate)

*Nitrogen: Typically, 100-125# per acre of 46-0-0 (Urea)

Question:  What seeding depth should I plant CanaMaize?

  • Answer: This is really going to depend upon moisture at seeding.  If there is sufficient moisture at seeding, 1 ¼-1 ½” seeding depth is plenty deep.  If seeding bed is drier at time of seeding, then you need to increase seed depth to 1 ½-2” seeding depth for uniform germination of CanaMaize™.

 Question:  With Roundup Ready CanaMaize, when should I plan on spraying my first in-crop post application of glyphosate?

  • Answer: Before answering this question, I must strongly advise that you till the ground clean of weeds prior to planting, or in a no-till system, apply a “burn down” application of glyphosate prior to planting CanaMaize™ to start clean.  Now that I have addressed this important topic concerning CanaMaize™ , I recommend for post application, that you use the weeds as a guide for your first application.  Once weeds have reached 2-3” in weed height, you should apply glyphosate in-crop to kill weeds.  This will get your CanaMaize™ off and going to a great start!

 Question:  What type of seed bed is best suited for CanaMaize™?

  • Answer:  CanaMaize™ does not have the vigor of hybrid seed corn, so anything you can do to enhance soil temperature is recommended.  Tillage obviously would enhance soil temperature the quickest, but if you are in a more moisture stressed environment where no-till is the common practice, I strongly advise you use your residue managers (trash-wipers) very aggressively to remove 90-100% of the residue cover to dry and warm the soil as quickly as possible!

 These are just some of the questions I have been asked pertaining to CanaMaize™, but if you have any additional question about CanaMaize, you can reach me on my cell or by e-mail. To order seed call Jim Riley 406-580-4036.